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There was a time years back, traveling long distance across the country by train was full of hassles. Besides packing of all the clothes, hold alls and necessities that one has to carry, one had to think of the food too. It was a vital aspect of travelling that needed intense planning.Most likely, travelers preferred packing home cooked meals to savor the taste from home, at the same time to enjoy the feast-like experience.

Do you remember the fun of travelling long distances by train when all of us use to look forward only to eat….the mouth watering parathas with achaar or khusbudaar aloo ki sabji and all the other savories that kept magically emerging from the picnic bag.

But managing the gastronomic affairs during the travel was indeed cumbersome. The planning that required to be done, the preparations that went into cooking delicious food was indeed tiring. However, over the years, the situation has changed especially in Indian railway. Railways had a boogie which was devoted only to cooking food for passengers. Indian railway is not just a heritage, but is the easiest and most economical mode of travelling when it comes to long distance journey. The “Pantry” was a thing of delight for children who could only dream about food that was different from the daily fare.

Yummy Khana

When it comes to food during our journey, La-Festa comes first. Delicious food, aromatic dals and masalewale sabji and variety of multi cuisine dishes for you to choose from. If South Indian and masala dosa is your choice, the hot crispy pancake with potato sabji will be offered. If Punjabi methi paneer is what makes your mouth water, finger licking dish will be your meal.

What’s more, La-Festa offers travelers an opportunity to savor food which tastes as if cooked at home. And the varieties are really a delight. The menu offer “yummy khana” and popular fare for the passengers.

Certified by ISO 22000:2005, care is taken to comply with hygiene and health guidelines.

So enjoy your train journeys with La-Festa “yummy for your tummy”

Mission La Festa : " Committed to excellence, La Festa ensure hygienic and top quality food product and cuisine ".

We at La-Festa are a team of qualified and expert cooks who endeavor to roll out tasty India fare. From homely dal tadka to delicious mutter paneer; from awesome biryani to tongue tickling kadia sabji…we forge long lasting bonds with its increasing clientele.

La Festa promises the delicious meal boxes which is offered by their outstanding chef who is ably supported by his team to make your journey more interesting.

" Assuring ‘value for your every penny’, La Festa is focusing on multitudes of varieties to make your meal simply superb ‼ "

Outlook :
Coupled with the ingenuity of satisfying client’s taste buds and proficiently of managing the financial and operative costs of a pan- India food chain calls for great skill and business acumen.

Lastly, implementing transparent and perfect business systems for smooth operational and management workings is topmost on the list. Organizing the personnel in the kitchen with sterling work ethics and values is foremost on La Festa charter. Our outlook is to implement transparent and stringent business systems for smooth operational procedures so as to strengthen the bond with our clients i.e. Indian Railways.

Group Strength : La Festa

Over three decades experience in food service industry.

Catering to passengers travelling by premium trains like Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Duranto, etc. apart from long distance Mail/Express Trains of Indian Railways.

Multi Cosine Food Plazas in Major Cities operating 24*7.

State-of the-art kitchen furnished with modern equipments that enhances safety and hygienic standards to be adhered inside. The love our customers have for us, has enabled us to have the exposure beyond catering to Indian railways and the group now has food plazas across India, which are all 24*7 outlets.

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